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The Perfect Connoisseur Set

The Perfect Connoisseur Set

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Enjoy - And Store - Reds with Ease!

Savoring your favorite wines has never been easier.  With The Perfect Connoisseur Set, you get:

#1 - The World's Easiest Wine Opener

Unlike traditional corkscrews - or "rabbit openers" - the Perfect Wine Opener does NOT require you to pull, tug, or rip the cork out of your bottle.

Instead, it uses the power of air to "pop" it out - with zero spillage and zero little cork pieces floating in your first glass.

Just insert the needle into the bottle.  Pump it a few times.  And watch as the cork slides out...without shooting off into space.  

Push. Pump. Pop.  It really is that simple.

#2 - The Perfect Seal

Unlike those flimsy rubber plugs (that let air seap in from the sides), The Perfect Seal wine saver pump works its way into every nook and cranny, creating an impenetrable, airtight grip.  

And because we've combined the pump and plug into one rock solid device - creating a blackhole like vacuum James Bond himself couldn't escape - your wine stays crispy fresh.

Just insert it into the top, pump it a few times, and watch as you enjoy your favorite wines one, two, or even three weeks after opening them!

#3 - The Perfect Cut

With The Perfect Cut, you can easily trim the foil off any bottle of wine in 2-3 seconds.

Just place the device on the top of the bottle and give it a couple good twists.  The result?  

A nice, precise cut (not to mention no more metal pieces floating in your wine).

And with The Perfect Connoisseur Set, you get all three in one convenient (and beautiful) package (making it the perfect gift for last minute holidays).


    CAUTION: Do not attempt to use this wine opener on high durometer (hard) plastic corks, sparkling wines or champagne. Please keep Perfect Wine Opener products out of the reach of children. The products contained in this packaging include small parts as well as multiple sharp points (needle) and edges (foil cutter). Users of these products should be advised that little physical force is necessary to use these products for their intended purpose of opening bottles of wine with standard dimensions. Any effort that requires even modest pressing, pulling or any physical exertion should be avoided due to the risk of contact with sharp edges and blades. If greater than a modest physical exertion ever appears necessary while using Perfect Wine Opener products, please inspect your products for proper functioning. It is critical that when operating the Perfect Wine Opener, hands remain free of the shield surrounding the interior needle. Obstruction of the safety collar’s movement during operation of the Perfect Wine Opener may result in an excessive accumulation of air pressure within the bottle, resulting in the risk of bottle rupture and potential laceration or other injury. Please insure that all packaging is disposed of safely and out of reach of children and pets. Consuming alcoholic beverages while pregnant can lead to multiple birth defects. Driving or the operation of heavy machinery should be avoided after consuming alcoholic beverages.


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