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About Us

Hi, and welcome to Vineyard Elite.

With a seasoned team of experts - including veteran sommeliers and everyday wine lovers - we’re dedicated to one thing and one thing only:

Taking the hassle out of wine!

Over the years, we’ve pulled, ripped, and tugged on so many corks one of our founders developed lateral epicondylitis - a painful elbow condition she had to get surgery to fix!

Hopefully your situation isn’t that bad. But if you’re anything like the men and women we speak to every day, you’re frustrated with how hard it is to open a bottle of wine.

You’re tired of having to dig all that broken cork out of your first glass. You’re done with flying elbows and embarrassing faux pas.

We get it. We struggled with these exact issues for YEARS.

The surgery was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Opening a bottle of red shouldn’t require Olympic level arm strength.

So we set out on a quest to create the Perfect Wine Opener.

A device that would open most any bottle of wine under any circumstances. Something that fits with your natural style, and adds to the beauty of your kitchen or bar.

In short, we wanted the convenience of an electric wine opener - without the cheesy robotic charging station.

And while it wasn’t easy (in reality it tooks us years of testing different air pressurizer methods), we believe we have now created The Perfect Wine Opener.

In fact, my friends, family, and clients can open even the most stubborn bottles of wine in less than ten seconds.

So, to see how we did it,
And how you can get your hands on this nifty device,
Click here to watch our free demo video now!



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