Q: How do I use my Perfect Wine Opener?

1) Remove foil, exposing cork.

2) Push outer ring to the top of the clear guard.

3) Insert needle into the center of the cork applying enough pressure to make sure the tip of the needle passes through the cork.

4) With one hand, hold the body of the wine bottle (not the clear guard) and begin to pump with your free hand. With typical results, your cork will begin to move within five pumps. During the upward motion of pumping, your cork should begin to slide up and pop out.

5) Slide the ring down the wings of the guard, pushing the cork off the needle.

6) Pour and enjoy!

Q: Should the needle pierce completely through the cork?

A: Yes. The needle should puncture through the end of the cork, allowing the tiny hole near the tip of the needle to pressurize the bottle.

Q: Does the wine opener work with plastic or synthetic corks?

A: The Perfect Wine Opener works with real and synthetic corks but the actual performance of the opener may differ based on the specifications of the cork - material, length, diameter and density. The opener is designed to open full bottles of wine. This opener is not designed to open sparkling wine, Champagne or re-corked wine.

Q: How do I clean my wine opener?

A: Wipe clean. Do not submerge in water.

Q: When using the wine opener, how many pumps does it take before the cork pops out?

A: With typical results, your cork will begin to move within 5 pumps.

Q: My cork just popped out and made a loud noise. Is that normal?

A: Yes. This opener pressurizes the bottle to pop the cork out and can sound similar to opening a bottle of Champagne.

Q: Can I open a bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine with my Perfect Wine Opener?

A: No.

Q: Do I hold the clear guard while pumping?

A: No. Firmly hold the body of the wine bottle (anywhere under the shoulders, where the clear guard sits). Holding the clear guard may prevent the cork from popping out.

Q: How do I remove the cork from my opener:

A: Push the outer ring towards the tip of the needle, pushing the cork off the needle.

Q: How do I use The Perfect Chill Stick - Wine Chiller?

  1. Place entire chill stick in your freezer at least two hours prior to using.
  2. When ready to use, pour enough wine out to allow the chill stick to be inserted without overflow.
  3. To clean, rinse your chill stick under running water immediately after use. Lay flat to dry.

The chill stick does not need to be (nor should it be) in separate pieces while in the freezer. Your chill stick can sit in your freezer until ready for use. Do not stand it upright. The chill stick is made of quality materials but it should be handled with care. Dropping it or tapping it against something will break it. Your chill stick can maintain an already refrigerated cold bottle for up to an hour or it can cool your room temperature red within 5 minutes.

Q: How do I use The Perfect Seal - Vacuum Sealer?

  1. Insert vacuum sealer into your open bottle of wine. The fit should be airtight.
  2. Continuously pump air out (see below for the recommended number of pumps).
  3. Store bottle upright.
  4. To remove, pull or twist from the silicone of the vacuum sealer; do not pull from the pump top.
  5. To clean, carefully rinse the surface of the silicone with water. Be sure not to submerge the vacuum sealer in water or wet the pump. Lay flat to dry.
Recommended Pumps: up to 40 times for a bottle that is ¾ full; up to 60 pumps for ½ full; up to 80 pumps for a bottle that is ¼ full. The is a recommendation only, actual pumps may vary. Pump until you start to feel resistance. The vacuum sealer can help prolong the freshness of a newly opened bottle of wine for up to 10 days.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to use this wine opener on high durometer (hard) plastic corks, sparkling wines or champagne. Please keep Perfect Wine Opener products out of the reach of children. The products contained in this packaging include small parts as well as multiple sharp points (needle) and edges (foil cutter). Users of these products should be advised that little physical force is necessary to use these products for their intended purpose of opening bottles of wine with standard dimensions. Any effort that requires even modest pressing, pulling or any physical exertion should be avoided due to the risk of contact with sharp edges and blades. If greater than a modest physical exertion ever appears necessary while using Perfect Wine Opener products, please inspect your products for proper functioning. It is critical that when operating the Perfect Wine Opener, hands remain free of the shield surrounding the interior needle. Obstruction of the safety collar’s movement during operation of the Perfect Wine Opener may result in an excessive accumulation of air pressure within the bottle, resulting in the risk of bottle rupture and potential laceration or other injury. Please insure that all packaging is disposed of safely and out of reach of children and pets. Consuming alcoholic beverages while pregnant can lead to multiple birth defects. Driving or the operation of heavy machinery should be avoided after consuming alcoholic beverages.



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