The Perfect Bundle - Standard Edition

The Perfect Bundle - Standard Edition

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The Standard Edition Gift Set Includes:

  • The Perfect Wine Opener - Air Pump Wine Opener
    • Never break a cork again! The Perfect Wine Opener has a stainless steel and poly-carbonate guard, and a hypodermic needle in the middle that prevents you (or anyone else!) from stabbing yourself. It harnesses the power of air to "pop" the cork right out of the bottle without any damage.
    • Just slide the needle into the center of the cork with one hand on the bottle, and with just a couple of pumps to pressurize the inside like a bottle of champagne, it pops the cork right out! Grab the ring and wings, give it a little pinch to slide the cork right off.
    • The Perfect Pour - Wine Aerator
      • Open up every subtle flavor in your wine of choice in just a few seconds! You're supposed to let your wine breath 15 to 20 minutes once it's open, but who wants to wait? You can use our aerator and does it instantly. Aerating your wine releases sulfates, less sulfates means less headaches, less hangovers which means you get to drink more wine. The Perfect Pour on bottle wine aerator serves up a fully aerated, drip free, glass. See and hear the aeration as perfectly oxygenated wine flows into your glass.
    • The Perfect Seal - Wine Bottle Vacuum Sealer
      • If you happen to have wine left over... you don't need to jam the sealer into the bottle. The Perfect Seal pumps all remaining air from the bottle prior to storage, preserving and protecting the flavor until you're ready to enjoy. It only takes about 10 pumps to suck all the air out of the bottle, so instead of lasting 2 to 3 days, it will last for 2 to 3 weeks!
    • The Perfect Cut - Foil Cutter
      • Stop ripping the foil with a knife to remove the foil cap on a wine bottle! Make the Perfect Cut in seconds - guaranteed - with our foil cutter. Just place the cutter on the top of the bottle and give it a couple good twists, it makes a clean, even cut avoiding foil "floaties" in your glass of wine.
    CAUTION: Do not attempt to use this wine opener on high durometer (hard) plastic corks, sparkling wines or champagne. Please keep Perfect Wine Opener products out of the reach of children. The products contained in this packaging include small parts as well as multiple sharp points (needle) and edges (foil cutter). Users of these products should be advised that little physical force is necessary to use these products for their intended purpose of opening bottles of wine with standard dimensions. Any effort that requires even modest pressing, pulling or any physical exertion should be avoided due to the risk of contact with sharp edges and blades. If greater than a modest physical exertion ever appears necessary while using Perfect Wine Opener products, please inspect your products for proper functioning. It is critical that when operating the Perfect Wine Opener, hands remain free of the shield surrounding the interior needle. Obstruction of the safety collar’s movement during operation of the Perfect Wine Opener may result in an excessive accumulation of air pressure within the bottle, resulting in the risk of bottle rupture and potential laceration or other injury. Please insure that all packaging is disposed of safely and out of reach of children and pets. Consuming alcoholic beverages while pregnant can lead to multiple birth defects. Driving or the operation of heavy machinery should be avoided after consuming alcoholic beverages.


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